James Paxton- Paxton has an elite 32.9% strikeout rate after recording 12 strikeouts in each of his last two starts. It’s a tremendous matchup here against a weak Giants team and he gets a massive ballpark bump. The Giants do not strike out a ton, but Tyler Austin and Steve Duggar both strikeout over 30% and Paxton gets the added advantage of facing the pitcher here.

Carlos Rodon- Rodon has been solid this season and is at a fair price on draftkings. The Tigers are bottom three in the league in batting average and slugging percentage vs LHP and Rodon has great stuff. The Tigers also strikeout a ton. Everyone in the starting lineup has a 20%+ strikeout rate except for Castellanos and Goodrum who are both over 18.5%.

Marcus Stroman- Coming off a career year in 2017, Stroman had a very high ERA last season, but he was incredibly unlucky with batted balls. He is back to his original form this season with a 3.89 xFIP and a 60% groundball rate. Stroman has yet to give up a homerun this season in over 30 innings. Oakland is filled with RHH and Stoman has a higher strikeout percentage and much lower ISO against righties than LHH.


CJ Cron- Cobb only has a 15% strikeout rate this season and it’s only at 14% to RHH. Cron should be able to put the ball in play and he has a ton of power. Cobb throws this fastball 62% to RHH and Cron has a .243 ISO vs the fastball since 2016 which is the second highest on the team behind none other than Marwin Gonzalez :)

Edwin Encarnacion- Miller is another pitcher who struggles to strike people out. He only has a 15.5% strikeout rate this season and it is only 13% vs RHH. For a guy in Encarnacion who strikes out over 23% of the time, this is a great spot. Miller throws his fastball 59% to RHH and Encarnacion has a massive .309 ISO vs the fastball.


Jonathon Schoop- Schoop hit 32 homeruns in 2017 so we know he has lots of power. He has been great for MIN so far this season. He has a .224 ISO vs RHP this year and should have a lot of success against Cobb. Cobb throws his curve almost 25% of the time to RHH and Schoop has the highest ISO on the team against a curve at .305 at a 49% hard hit rate.

Eric Sogard- Sogard has a .375 BA to RHP so far this season and Fiers struggles against both sides of the plate. Fiers has a 40+% fly ball rate, so even though Sogard is not a homerun hitter, he has a higher chance to put one in the seats. Sogard also does not strikeout much and is looking at potentially 5 ABS against a struggling pitcher.


Tim Beckham- Mariners have one of the highest totals on the board against a bad starting pitcher and a terrible bullpen. I have no problem going right back to Beckham here. He is still pretty cheap on DK and has massive upside.

Jorge Polanco- Polanco is crushing it this season. He has a .366 BA and 5 homeruns already. Polanco rarely strikeouts and with the Twins having the highest total on the board should have plenty of opportunities for RBIs, runs scored, and he does have power and a little bit of speed.


Marwin Gonzalez- Very cheap on DK at only $3.3K. He is a career .261 hitter so he should get out of this slump very soon. As I alluded to in the Cron piece, he mashes the fastball. He has the highest ISO on the team since 2016 and Cobb throws his fastball a ton.

Ryon Healy- My two primary teams to target today are the Twins and Mariners. Healy always gets forgotten since he bats near the bottom of the lineup, but with the way the Mariners score runs, he still gets 4-5 ABs every game. I will definitely take a lower owned Healy as part of a SEA stack.


Eddie Rosario- .600 SLG vs RHP this season and has 6 homeruns since April 18th. On a tear and great chance that continues today.

Nelson Cruz- He has a lot of power. If the Twins go on a homerun barrage today, I would bet Cruz would be part of that action. Cruz mashes the fastball and Cobb has been throwing it 60% of the time to RHH. Good luck Cobb.

Domingo Santana- Love stacking the Mariners and I love watching them play. Top to bottom, the lineup is stacked and Santana is giving an incredible season. $600 cheap than Haniger, I will take the savings on Santana again.

Randal Grichuk- Grichuk has an unbelievable amount of power. He has a .337 ISO and a 45% hard hit rate against a fastball since 2017 and Fiers throws that nearly 40% of the time to RHH. Fiers second most thrown pitch to RHH is his slider and Grichuk has a .204 ISO against a slider. Fiers gives up a ton of fly balls and Grichuk has plenty of power to put it into the seats.

Steve Wilkerson- He is only $2200 on DK today and is projected to bat sixth vs Martin Perez. Not in love with him, but if you need a very cheap outfielder, he could be your guy.

TOP STACKS: Twins, Mariners, Blue Jays


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